Iran also known as Persia and the republic of Islam, it is country of Western Asia and most important places for all Muslim like pilgrims. Thousands of Zairian goes to Iran for Zariyat every year in first month of Islamic like Muharram, Mixture of modern tradition and natural beauty and resources like Oil, gas and Gold. Iran sells the oil and gas to other foreign countries and international market earns foreign exchange and increase the economy of the country.

Iran Visa

Iran has been providing the various types of visas and process is very easy. They could have any registered travels and tourism agency in Pakistan offer the visa individual and groups and different packages holiday trips and this one Zairian package. If you can define the purpose of Iran visa, otherwise you can declare the tourist visa. Many travel agencies all over the world provide facility but Kate travel distributes service in Pakistan Since 1985. Traveler can directly apply for the visa by filling the application form and submit it to Iran travelling visa department. Iran travelling embassy issues a great number of visas every day.


Iran consists of different cities and hotels but our aim is to fulfill the client’s requirement. Hotel reservations are very important but our main efforts are that you stay with best and cheap hotels at affordable rates. Some people need a visit visa without accommodation can also book hotels online without any hassle.


Pilgrims are very important place for all Muslims around the globe, special and specific pilgrims in Saudi Arabia like Khana kaba and Masjid-e-Nabvi etc. Thousands of Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah every year. There are also many Zairian who go to Iran for Ziarat of holy places like given below:

Ziyarat of Imam Ali bin Musa Reza (as)

Ziyarat of Hazrat Masuma-e-Qum (SA)

Ziyarat of Shah Abdul Azeem (as)

Ziyarat of Imamzadeh Hamzah (as)

Ziyarat of Imamzadeh Tahir (as)

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