Iraq is also known as republic of Islam and situated in Western Asia. Iraq borders Turkey to the, Kuwait Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq. It has the largest natural oil resource after Saudi Arabia in Middle East. And some Muslim pilgrims in the Iraq like Karbala etc.

Iraq visa

Iraq visa process is very easy from Pakistan; any registered travel agency can facilitate you at your door step. Kate travel and tours provides service all over the Pakistan since 1985 and offer different types of packages like tourism holidays and special Zairian for all Muslims, All over the world Muslims can take Zairian packages for Zariyat. Iraq visa fulfill the embassy requirement in legal way and took the visa without any hesitation, Iraq embassy issues great deal of visa in a day or two.

Hotels in Iraq

Looking for cheap hotel in Iraq? Travel and tours agency have different packages all facilities available like transportation from Airports to Hotels, with complete complementary and supplementary needs of the client’s in hotels. Now a day all things depend on the internet as people can get visas from travel agencies and find best and cheap hotel in Iraq and booking online now.


Pilgrims is holy places for all Muslim, thousands of people performing the Hajj and Umrah for many centuries ago and then Zairian go to Iraq pilgrims which are given below:

Ziyarat of Imam Ali (as)

Ziyarat of Imam Husain (as)

Ziyarat Imam Musa Kazim (as)

Ziyarat of Imam Taqi (as)

Ziyarat of Imam Naqi (as)

Ziyarat of Imam Hasan Askari (as)

Ziyarat of Imam Mehdi (as)

Ziyarat of Hazrat Abbas (as)

Ziyarat of Hani bin Urva

Ziyarat of Muslim bin Aqeel (as)


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